I Will Vote

Hillary for America: art direction, strategy, information architecture

Online voter registration in increasingly the most efficient way to register voters. We rebranded and rebuilt iwillvote.com from the ground up for 2016 to support a historic voter turnout. 


Product design
Denny McFadden

Voting, made for mobile
In a campaign-wide effort to make voting easier, not harder, we invested heavily in creating a fast and seamless mobile experience. From checking their voter status to finding their polling place, we walked voters step-by-step through the often complicated process. 


A bold and clear mark
Inspired by standardized forms, we designed the visual language around the website - optimized for performance, legible, and easy to use. 


Tell everyone, everywhere
Along with on-the-ground efforts, we encouraged voters to share their registration and voting status with their friends online. Geo-targeted content allowed voters in different states to customize their message to their local audience.